Our motto is “Innovation for all”.

At KINE Technologies & Research, our aim is to bring innovation to the most interior parts of the nation and world. We believe in technology and innovation being the right of all. Our focus is on providing those solutions that are economic, effective as well as eco-friendly. We ensure that our products find acceptance not only in upscale urban markets, but also rural India. It is our endeavour to ensure that our products bridge the gap of health-care problems and solutions.

KINE Technologies & Research, a firm based in Kanjirappally, Kottayam District, is a privately-owned Research & Development firm founded in 2006. It is now owned and operated by a team of professionals headed by its charismatic founder and innovator-in-chief, Mr. Mathews K Mathew.

Many our products are either patented or undergoing patent process. Currently, The Ministry of commerce & Industry, Government of India has granted patent for our leading solar based products.

Our vision is to help people everywhere and create a pest free environment in ways never before imagined. Our commitment is to work with you to ensure your and your family’s health. At KINE, we take pride in our innovative spirit. It drives our firm to take on unlimited possibilities of technology for innovative solutions for pest control.